1. On the nameplate or sticker, check the serial number to find
    • the product's article number, and
    • the year (A) and week (B) in which it was manufactured.

    In the example shown below, the sticker (right) indicates:
    Article number: 701F41 - Year: 2016 - Week: 28


  1. Voer het artikelnummer in de zoekbalk in:
    voer artikelnummer in
  1. Select the required language and version

    Let's say you get the result shown below with two versions in the language that you want:

    kies de juiste taal en versie
    This indicates that the first manual was published in week 25 of 2016 and the second manual was published in week 17 of 2017.

  2. In this case select the first date preceding your product's date of manufacture.

  3. In the above example, for a machine produced in week 28 of 2016 you should therefore download version 1625.